How to stop on skates

How to stop on skates safely for beginners?

Skateboarding brings a lot of value and benefits to those who play it every day. This sport is a very effective measure to balance the body as well as improve the health of the body. Therefore, more and more people are starting to learn to skateboard. As a beginner skater, you must be wondering how to stop on skates properly. Learn all about how to stop skateboarding right now with us.

Method 1: Stop with heels

You are skateboarding and you feel an obstacle in front of you that needs to be stopped. In this situation, you had better push the board with your feet and put your heels on the ground. This action will help your body and the skateboard slow down at the same time. The skateboard will slow down and then stop. That is a pretty run-of-the-mill and beneficial way that skaters prefer to choose.

Method 2: Stop with the base of the board

This way of stopping requires you to be a bit technical. When you are skating and feel danger ahead, you should push the board with your feet, pressing the back end of the board into the ground.

This action helps to slow down the speed of the board when sliding. The back of the skateboard will touch the ground and can grind some distance on the road. Note that when stopping with the sole, your base of the board will not change.

You keep the pivot leg in the original position. Nevertheless, you should also lift it a bit to create a force for the leg to push the board and lift the board. When stepping off the board, you must step forward to avoid causing an accident for yourself.

Method 3: Jump off the board

It is not necessarily a proper and technically correct way to stop the game. However, in a sense, it is our way of putting an end to the skateboard’s forward motion in some emergency conditions. For example, when you encounter an obstacle that needs to be avoided quickly: people, animals, and vehicles. In this move, you just keep the center of the foot on the board and jump backward.

Method 4: Lower your feet slowly to the ground

When you want to rest and stop skateboarding, you just need to lower your feet to the ground and the board will stop. However, you should also pay attention to put your foot down lightly first, when the speed of the skateboard has decreased, then put your foot down to brake.

Leaning forward slightly and keeping your arms level is an important thing you need to do. The principle purpose is that you do not fall back due to the force of inertia acting on you.

Above are four basic and simple ways to stop the board when skateboarding for beginners. You probably already know the general outline of how to stop on skates. On the other hand, we still have some other ways to stop on skates. These other ways will be suitable for those of you who have more skills, need more practice.

No matter what skateboarding activities you do, you need to prepare protective gear. You need to prepare a skateboard and a suitable pair of sports shoes for yourself. In addition, you should also equip a helmet, knee, and elbow pads to help you be safer in the event of a collision.

We just showed you how to stop on skates safely and with the right technique. If you find this article fascinating and helpful, please share it with friends who are new to skateboarding. Wish you success and soon become a professional skater.

How to stop on skates

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