Trampoline dismantling is the exact opposite of trampoline assembly. However, trampolines require less time for setup and disassembly. As a trampoline user, you should learn how to disassemble your trampoline.

There are services for trampoline disassembly, but you may need to learn to prevent dangerous situations and “do it yourself.” Therefore, we will explain how to disassemble the trampoline. To obtain the correct instructions, scroll down.

Everything Regarding Deconstructing a Trampoline

You may have to disassemble your trampoline to avoid damaging it when you utilize your favorite equipment. Several necessary equipment and a straightforward procedure are required to do this operation. We shall examine the steps in depth. To detach a trampoline, you must understand why and when this is necessary.

Materials and Equipment Required for Trampoline Removal

Most trampolines come with a selection of specialized tools. The tools will be utilized during trampoline assembly and disassembly.

Before attempting to remove your child’s trampoline, your toolbox must contain the following items:

  • A spring puller
  • Gloves
  • A 10mm radius spanner
  • An electric drill
  • A screwdriver

We will now study each tool and its function in trampoline disassembly.

A Wrench and a Screwdriver

When separating trampolines, both screwdrivers and spanners are interchangeable. The more tools you own, the faster and simpler the task will be.

When your children play on the trampoline, the trampoline is held firmly in place by screws and nuts. The spanner and screwdriver are PlayStation-specific tools for unscrewing bolts and screws.

Device for Extracting Springs

Spring pullers are occasionally referred to as spring tools, as are trampoline hooks. Trampoline assembly and disassembly requires the use of a spring puller. The handle is constructed of plastic and features a finger groove for a solid grip.

Pullers for springs are available as single or double products. Purchasing a pair of spring plugs is the best course of action. When working in tandem, flexibility and convenience are enhanced. When unloading a trampoline for the first time, it is essential to have double spring plungers.

A spring puller’s principal function is to facilitate the removal of springs. You can use this method to remove trampoline anchors during disassembly. A spring Puller will verify the accuracy of spring measurements.


Dessembling a trampoline is a manual process. Manual labor presents an inherent risk of hand damage. It is painful to become entangled in a coil.

Gloves are required when disassembling the trampoline. The knowing that you are completely safe will also boost your confidence at work.

Invest in double-coated work gloves for optimal safety.

Electric Drill

You don’t need a power drill to separate the trampoline, but I recommend using one because it will make releasing the screws easier.

Why Must I Disassemble My Trampoline?

Those who live year-round in temperate or tropical climes do not need to separate their trampolines. In this instance, there is no need to disassemble or reassemble the trampoline. To keep it in good shape, essential maintenance should be performed.

In adverse weather circumstances, such as summer heat or heavy snowfall, you can remove and safely store your trampoline throughout the winter to extend its lifespan. Using disaster planning, you can also prepare for an incoming storm or hurricane. This preparation will not cause the trampoline to be blown away by the wind.

Frost and dampness can quickly cause frames and springs to corrode and deteriorate. The mat is also susceptible to snowfall. Temperatures in the summer can also damage trampolines. These conditions can irritate the eyes and make trampolines hazardous. Put the fragments inside the container and separate them to eliminate them.

Before moving a trampoline to a safe location, it is helpful to know how to dismantle it. When selling a trampoline, it is necessary to disassemble it. Separating trampolines is done to prevent spending additional money on them.

Consequently, let’s discover how to unload a trampoline in the summer or winter.

How to Take Apart a Trampoline?

These are the actions that may be taken when disassembling a trampoline.

Trampoline Maintenance

Before removal, you must thoroughly clean the trampoline. Since the trampoline will be preserved for a specified period of time, it will be very clean. Using a broom with a long handle, sweep the trampoline bed. Use a gentle brush to remove any remaining dirt. Afterwards, clean the mat with a garden hose.

Lemon paste can be applied on trampoline springs, frames, poles, and other rusty metal pieces, then rubbed until the rust is totally eliminated. There are also professional rust removal options available. Some experts advise eliminating the trampoline’s detritus following its removal, while others do not.

At minimum, you should clean the trampoline’s surface before disassembling it.

Disassemble The Ladder, Poles, Net, And Additional Equipment

Remove any excess material first. Owners of trampolines with clubhouses should position them cautiously beneath the trampoline. On some trampolines, the basketball hoop may also be opened. Remove the poles, ladders, and netting from the area. Typically, trampoline poles are screwed to the frame, therefore you will also need to remove the screws.

Check for debris and grime after removing all of these components. On rusted items, a non-toxic, water-based rust remover can be utilized. To extend the life of poles, wrap them in tape; fold trampoline nets and store them for future use. Ensure that the enclosure net has been zip-tied.

Disassemble The Spring Mount

A one-piece spring cover is quite thick. Pads for trampolines are attached to the bottom. By untying the knots, the safety pad can be quickly released. Mark the location with duct tape so that it may be fixed if the spring pad rips. Fold the pad and place it in the storage container.

Disassembling The Springtime

The most challenging aspect of disassembling a trampoline is removing the springs. Before employing the springs off method, trampoline springs should be removed. Some springs will be protected against rust and breakage if you wear gloves. Start with a rusty, healthy spring.

The initial spring must be removed. Find an alternative spring tool and the one you wish to begin with. To remove the V-ring from the mat, pull the spring’s interior toward the mat’s center. Additionally, the second spring-end hook must be removed from the frame.

The second spring can be separated using the same technique as the first. Attempt to use a separate spring as a spring plumber if you need to remove it immediately or if there is no benefit. When removing each spring, check for rust or corrosion. Rust remover must be applied to the afflicted eyes. The springs should then be inserted into the spring packages.

You must be aware of a few facts if you intend to use a separate spring to catch other springs. There are two distinct ends for trampoline springs: closed and open. Closed or loop ends are connected to the V-ring of the mat, while open ends are connected to the frame. The spring end is used to extract the spring, whereas the open end expedites the process.

It is more difficult to remove glasses from trampolines with rusty springs than trampolines with healthy springs. Gloves must be used when handling trampolines with rusty springs. Below are various techniques for removing rusty trampoline springs from the trampoline itself.

  • Use a spring puller or replacement spring tool to remove the initial spring.
  • Separate the second spring in the same manner as the first.
  • To remove the spring at a 90-degree angle, use a spring tool or spring.
  • Flip it and separate it in the opposite direction.
  • Repeat the steps until all springs have been extracted.

How can trampoline springs be removed without tools?

You may still remove the springs without a spring removal tool. A spring tool may make it easier to remove the springs. One spring must be extracted (or an additional spring used). Place one of the hooks into a spring hook that is still attached to the frame and use this spring as a tool. Remove it and remove the hook from the hole. Take care, because springs can slip! Gloves are advantageous here.

Fold Your Bounce Mat

After all of the springs have been removed, the mat will naturally fall off, leaving only the frame. This is how a trampoline mat is folded.

Put it down on the ground. Then, fold it again in half, and repeat the process until it fits. Please ensure that the mat is not damaged or worn so that the hole can be repaired using a repair kit.

Dismantling The Frame of a Trampoline

Detachment of the frame is the opposite of assembly. All that is required is to unscrew, unscrew, and unscrew. Using the flip-head screwdriver, it is simple to release the screw. An electric drill will expedite the process.

If the trampoline is grounded in a windy place, the air pegs must be removed. Remove all of the screws from the frame. The legs and outer ring must be separated at this time. You could sustain severe injuries if hefty legs fall on you. It would be ideal if you exercised caution.

Pressing upwards will separate it from the ring. To prevent harm, stand between the rings and the legs, separating the legs from the rings. The outer rings and legs must be separated, followed by the outer rings and tee joints. For rings to be separated, they must be twisted. Assemble and box all frame components.

You have disassembled the trampoline successfully. Next year, keep your trampoline’s components dry and out of the sun. In addition, if you intend to renovate your backyard or relocate it, you should do so.

Transform Your Trampoline With Safety and Efficiency

Once disassembled, the trampoline is easy to transport. Each component can be stored in a separate container.

If you do not like to disassemble the trampoline, please consider the following alternatives.

Wheels for a Trampoline

Wheels may not be included with your trampoline, but they are a common accessory. Amazon offers trampoline wheels for a very low price. There are numerous sizes and shapes available for simply a few bucks. Wheels for trampolines must be purchased separately.

Attach each wheel to the legs of the trampoline after acquiring them. The set can then be moved in any direction. Unless you buy your neighbor’s house, it is impractical to transfer your trampoline on wheels.

Method 2

You can attempt to move the trampoline manually with a few companions.

Manual migration across great distances is not practical, just as it is not with wheels. If you so choose, you can relocate the trampoline in your backyard.


Is the Frame’s Disassembly Required?

In most situations, it is unnecessary. If the trampoline is disassembled to protect it from severe weather, the frame can be left outside. In this scenario, it may be necessary to care for and maintain the trampoline frame. If you need to transport the trampoline across lengthy distances, you may wish to disassemble it.

How Much Does It Cost to Disassemble a Trampoline?

Trampoline separation services provide inexpensive assembly and separation of trampolines. The price varies on the trampoline’s size and material. Typically, it ranges from $100 to $500.

Is It Possible for Me to Take Apart a Trampoline By Myself?

If your trampoline is less than 6 feet, 8 feet, or 10 feet in length, you can disassemble it without assistance. A large trampoline must be separated by at least two people for proper use. The mini trampoline can be detached from you, but safety concerns prohibit this.

How Much Time Does It Take to Take Apart a Trampoline?

A range of sizes and styles of trampolines are available. It often takes longer to construct a trampoline with springs than one without. Typically, trampolines without springs can be disassembled in two hours, however trampolines with springs require at least four hours.

How should trampolines be kept to avoid damage?

Keep trampolines dry and out of direct sunshine. If trampolines are small enough, there is no need to divide them. They can be placed horizontally throughout your home. After completing it, you should follow the instructions indicated above, as it will block space in your home.


A trampoline must be disassembled for a variety of reasons. You can prevent your trampoline from being blown away and save money by disassembling it while it is not in use.

It is essential to carefully remove springs and frames. Follow the above disassembly instructions to avoid injuring your trampoline.

You should now be able to correctly disassemble a trampoline after reading this guide. Please leave your comments if you have any questions.


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