Closets, Cupboards and Storage in a Bedroom

Closets, Cupboards and Storage in a Bedroom

Where do you start when it comes to organizing your home? Of course the first step is to stop and think about exactly how much stuff you have. How many bedrooms are in your home? How many cupboards, closets and cupboards do you have? Can you part with anything, any thing or everything?

Coat Rack

From hats and scarves to coats and sweaters to gloves, keep your jacket, scarves and wear all in one, dedicated storage space. Place a large coat rack on one wall or on the floor, right next to the door to make it easy to reach, grab and search.


Never have more than 1 wardrobe per person and keep it neatly organized within the wardrobe. Install shelving along one of the walls in a closet to store items like sweaters, blankets, mittens, purses, shoes, accessories etc.Monitor how much space you shed purchasing walked – bars, storage systems, and shoe racks.

One of the more useful shelving systems is the Pot and Pan shelving system. These systems are convenient, flexible, and are adjustable in length. This unit is easy to install, can be moved to any area of your kitchen, cupboard, wardrobe, or on the floor. All you need is 1 ½ inch plywood tubing, ½ inch plywood strips, standard screw fasteners, and a few more handy bathroom supplies and you are ready to put your ceramic items away.

Pot and Pan shelving comes in several different styles and sizes to fit the particular needs of each of you shoppers.

Door Jars

Shelving (or hanging) your purchases is far less overwhelming when you choose a variety of items for your shelves. Use wide mouth containers to store your dried beans, nuts, and pantry staples. conscientious shoppers will arrange their nutrient storage in containers rather than mounting them on the shelves.

You can also buy a variety of baskets to store your cushions, throws, and scarves.

Lid Storage

Opt for an under the bed belt and fabric storage to keep all of your personal clothing items safe and accessible. Clothes belts should be stored lowest to the back of the wardrobe, or in a spare drawer in the cupboard.

The Lid Storage Coffee Table is a new, stylish and convenient way to store personal items. The material is lightweight, durable and portable.

As mobility means you may need to bring items around to different rooms in your home. Simply clip the lid over the downfall of the container and it is ready to go. It is a great place to keep collectibles on display, silverware, keys, matches, pencils and other items that you may need those items stored in a safe place.

In addition, for breeding kids, the lid storage can be used as a toy box.

A great way to upgrade your designs is to add shelves and cabinetry on a blank wall. You can use it for the kids to store all of their toys, projects, pajamas and what-not.

Drawer Storage

Make use of the space behind the door by adding a handy storage trunk. Simply op front of the drawer as you would any other cabinet. This will allow you to store many of the small items needed in any room throughout the house, such as pens, pencils and paper clips, rubber bands, picture frames, and keys.

Use the top of the trunk for extra storage, by affixing shelves to the inside of the front panel. You can use it to store extra bed linens, scarves, season sheets, or quilts. It is a great place to store all of those little knick-knacks, which will be organized and kept tidy.

Has everything in your home been organized? Do you know what is in each room? Take those top-to-bottom rooms that you each have and sort through the contents on a daily basis.

How does it look? If you still have items strewn about in your home, you have to stop thinking of them as things that you don’t anymore have. Or, perhaps you have created a life has overcome your organizational needs. Now is the time to reclaim your living space.


Closets, Cupboards and Storage in a Bedroom

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