How do you make a skateboard ramp?

Building a skate ramp may be a rewarding experience for both experienced and novice skateboarders. Making this exciting investment requires patience, safety, and maximizing space. Part 1: Ramp Design 1. Maximize all space. Examine your available area while the ramp is in use and when it isn’t. If you create a portable ramp, consider storage […]

Can an electric skateboard be ridden on a sidewalk? Rules to stick to.

There are rules everywhere. There are rules for almost everything now. “On Sundays, you can’t walk around with a waffle cone in your pocket.” –Dumb NYC Law Some people think it’s a stupid way to keep people in line, while others say it’s for safety… When it comes to following rules, electric skateboards are no […]

How To Have Audio Play Through Speakers And Headphones

The majority of our audiophiles have a tendency to ask the same question, which is how they can listen to music through their headphones and through the speakers at the same time. Is there any way around this? You can get decent sound through speakers and headphones, to give you the answer to your question […]

How to do a backside noseslide on a skateboard?

The noseslide is a fundamental skating move. Learn how to glide lightly along a waxed-up ledge. The backside noseslide is a fundamental technique that enables the skater to glide for an extended period along a ledge, bench, or rail. The trick is to understand how to properly pop and lock onto the ledge. You must […]

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