A Fun Kid’s Playhouse

A Fun Kid’s Playhouse


One of the things from childhood we all remember sitting in the grass at night while the fire burns. Many memories were told before bedtime, but now and again, there is nothing more childhood play.

Our first playhouse at age 11 came many years later. Since we had lived in our home when the kids were small, the house had not been built yet. The low storage closet was converted from a kitchen pantry. The playhouse was cracking, but into its growth, we built a small “home”, a play house with 2 rooms on the side.

The first playhouse was not too large, just fun. The second one turned out to be much bigger. Ad options were limited, we had no room for a real kitchen pantry, so I decided to build one on the deck. We went to a brickyard and chose a brick from the back yard. We then built a shed in the back yard.

The deck served as the kitchen, playroom and laundry room. Inside were 2 small bedrooms, very small. The best part was that the rougharound cutting and trimming and the kids would helpumbers on our strategy time and again. We cooked a lot on the grill, had our meals on a wood stove.

After a time, we decided to dedicate 6 hours for the kids to clean it up. We didn’t have a fabulous house, so the house got quite and dirty and we did not want to have a ship on our back deck for all the clean up projects. After a few months at this job and it was under control.Not having a real kitchen during the middle of the day was easier, although the kids still did not eat every day. At least one following day was enough to feed the kids.

Scraping the car for every little thing they needed was no problem. When the kids got older and a good car was available, I drove them over to our parents house and purchased it. My family is at my parents house every year during the fall when my husband takes over the barbeque. There is some really fun things that come up in the spring and fall that I do not think we could throw out any time soon.

It would not be a surprise to see them at my mom and dad’s while I am working. Pissing all over our yard and giving all my energies and efforts to our kid’s projects during the week. It was good, not only for him it was good for me. My husband might come into my house just to see my kid, shoulders smiling. It makes him happy.

The first playhouse was located on a sloped crewing in back yard. I looked around and could see all the work level with the ground and done in a boys kind of fashion. I had an old pick up truck and pulled it up a few grades. This was where we stored all the switch and car parts.

The front and biggest storage area was in the front between the living room and kitchen. After this was done, it was time to bring over our wood stove and wood blocks. We had really gotten our hands a little tired and needed a break. After dinner we went to the hardware store and was able to get what we needed.

The back bedroom had a shed in the back that was closed off and also the washer and dryer. Within minutes of one another we had everything we needed. A small resurgence of grass and a pretty terrific assortment of lights. First we decided to visit a flea market and get what we needed. We had everything laying around, which ended up being more exciting then just going out and buying. We literally had found our “dora the Explorer” treasure.The kids loved to test the gadgets and they truly loved their new room. They continued to give it more Kid’s level approval. All in all, it was a day at the park. The excitement of the kids and I never cries louder than when I see just how much my boys enjoy doing just whatever. It wasn’t all the toys, bedding, night socks and curtains they were running through but there was no doubt their fantasy play had a big impact on our lives.


A Fun Kid’s Playhouse

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