Porch Remodeling

Porch Remodeling


If you’re wanting to add a porch onto your home, regardless of your budget, there are various options that can help.  You can usually save a great deal of money with do-it-yourself projects as opposed to having the contractor tear down and build another structure, making now the perfect time to proceed with finishing your improvement.

The first step to renovating a porch, regardless of what kind you have, is determining if it meets local codes.  There are a number of levels of code from which to choose.

When selecting the level of quality and design from among the many porch designs available, keep in mind how eventually you want the porch to look. For many people, it is important that every aspect of their renovations is functional as well as aesthetically-pleasing.  There are several improvements that you can make to your porch, including removing carpeting in the space or installing carpeting on the outside, if your porch is outdoors, which can take as much as one to two days to dry.  You will need to repeat this project after several years and it may be worth the time and cost at the time.  Also, consider double-paned glass.  Make sure to have a sturdy handrail or other guideline that attaches securely and is a good barrier for falling too cookies or bottles of soda.

Now there are options for replacing some of the porch flooring.  There are expand-able wood flooring and vinyl tiles that are less expensive compared to tile or concrete.  Depending upon your budget, you may want to consider additional improvements such as a recycled hardwood floor, tile, or added rugs that match the theme in the rest of the space.

You can also replace the porch roof with a new style or function, depending on whether you want to maintain the original style and materials or you want a change.  You can opt to use cedar shingles, metal roofing, slate, or other types of environmentally safe roofs.  The steps are similar, but more expensive compared to their previously brand new counterparts.

If you have a concrete porch, it is now time to begin renovating the exterior structure.  When choosing a new hardtop for the porch, look for quality products made with recycled materials as well as quality workmanship that will extend the life of your addition as well as preserve both the product and your investment.

If you want a quick and relatively inexpensive DIY porch renovation, all you have to do is paint a few fresh coats on those wooden deck boards, add some fabric and new curtains, adorn the area with a few weekend pillows, a small table and chair, a corner umbrella, and artwork.  This also works to cut cost from your budget.

Porches are great addition to any home, whether it is a screened in one or a regular style porch.  What matters is that you choose a porch tough and durable enough to handle its future outdoor activities.  This is your personal space, so don’t precious the time and effort of your patio investment because it will be too much effort to spend on the upkeep.

Just remember that this is a great investment you are making.  It enhances your home and it increases the value for when you sell the house.  It also provides you space where you can sit back enjoy your back yard space as well as summers outdoors and winters alike.  Consider the wood folding chairs and thick cushions and think about adding a grill to complete your outdoor patio. You will have a place to gather with family and friends, it becomes a focal point of your yard.

The porch stocked with the right mix of tables and chairs will day be the room of choice for barbecues, hot dogs and marshmallows.  Have a chat with friends and have some beverages, then enjoy the space and take in the beautiful weather.

Try to plan a tea party, since you are going to want to soak in the outdoors every once in a while.  One of the nice things about lounging in your deck or patio is that you won’t have to go inside when the weather starts to get extremes.


Porch Remodeling

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