Can an electric skateboard be ridden on a sidewalk? Rules to stick to.

There are rules everywhere. There are rules for almost everything now. “On Sundays, you can’t walk around with a waffle cone in your pocket.” –Dumb NYC Law Some people think it’s a stupid way to keep people in line, while others say it’s for safety… When it comes to following rules, electric skateboards are no […]

How To Have Audio Play Through Speakers And Headphones

The majority of our audiophiles have a tendency to ask the same question, which is how they can listen to music through their headphones and through the speakers at the same time. Is there any way around this? You can get decent sound through speakers and headphones, to give you the answer to your question […]

How to do a backside noseslide on a skateboard?

The noseslide is a fundamental skating move. Learn how to glide lightly along a waxed-up ledge. The backside noseslide is a fundamental technique that enables the skater to glide for an extended period along a ledge, bench, or rail. The trick is to understand how to properly pop and lock onto the ledge. You must […]

How loose should skateboard trucks be?

It is important that your skateboard trucks be both tight enough so that you can easily control the board and loose enough so that you can control the board easily. If you’re experiencing wheel bite, you may want to consider some solutions for resolving the problem, such as tightening your trucks. However, if you are […]

How to do a backside noseslide on a skateboard

How to do a backside noseslide on a skateboard   The noseslide is considered to be one of the most important skateboarding moves. Learn how to glide effortlessly along a ledge that has been waxed. The backside noseslide is a fundamental technique that allows the skater to slide along a ledge, bench, or rail for a significant amount of time and distance. The key is to understand how to pop and lock into the ledge in the proper manner. It is critical that you are comfortable with the frontside 180 and/or the ollie before you attempt to lock into the noseslide for the first time. As part of your initial practice, ride straight onto the ledge at a 90-degree angle and pop into it, maintaining balance for a short period of time before dropping back off and landing the board is an excellent technique. Once you’ve gotten used to the sensation of manipulating the nose of your skateboard on a narrow surface, you might want to try approaching the ledge from the side a little bit more. As you become more comfortable with turning your body and board to attack the ledge, you may want to try running in a nearly parallel line to the sliding surface to see how it feels. Remember to keep your feet further apart than you normally would and your front foot close to the nose of the board, almost over the bolts, when you are skating. Approach the ledge at a slow to moderate pace, leaning back a little to engage with the sliding surface as you get closer. If you want a longer noseslide, wax the ledge first; it will make the trick simpler to perform later in the routine. To get your nose off the ledge when you’re rotating out of the noseslide, shift your torso backwards a little. The noseslide is incredibly entertaining and serves as the starting point for a variety of skate slide variations and new routines. Seemore: how to stop on a skate Backside Noseslide It’s time to make our way up to the ledge and jump on it. How to perform a backside noseslide is as follows: 1.Slow-to-medium-speed pushing on your skateboard is recommended. 2.Secondly, approach the ledge in a diagonal – but virtually parallel – fashion from about two feet away; 3: Keep your shoulders parallel to the board, your feet apart, and your front foot on the board’s nose at all times. 4.Take note of where you want your nose to rest. 5.Perform an ollie or a half frontside 180 […]

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