How to do a backside noseslide on a skateboard?

The noseslide is a fundamental skating move. Learn how to glide lightly along a waxed-up ledge.

The backside noseslide is a fundamental technique that enables the skater to glide for an extended period along a ledge, bench, or rail.

The trick is to understand how to properly pop and lock onto the ledge.

You must be comfortable with the front side 180 and/or the ollie before practicing locking into the noseslide.

One of the first stages in practicing is to ride straight into the ledge at a 90-degree angle, jump onto it, retain the balance for a few seconds, and then drop back down and land the board.

Once you’ve become accustomed to manipulating the skateboard’s nose on a narrow surface, you may try approaching the ledge from the side.

Once you’re comfortable rotating your body and board to attack the ledge, you may advance to running in a nearly parallel path toward the sliding surface.

Keep your feet wider apart than normal and your front foot close to the nose of the board, nearly touching the bolts.

Slowly approach the ledge and lean back slightly as you engage with the sliding surface.

Wax the ledge for a longer noseslide; this will make the move simpler to accomplish.

When exiting the noseslide, swivel your torso back to clear the ledge with your nose.

The noseslide is a lot of fun and serves as the springboard for several modifications and new techniques.

101 Backside Noseslide

It’s time to approach and leap onto the ledge. How to do a backside noseslide:

  1. Slow-to-medium-speed pushes on your skateboard;
  2. Approach the ledge diagonally – but almost parallel – from around two feet away;
  3. Maintain a straight line between your shoulders and the board, your feet apart, and your front foot on the board’s nose;
  4. Determine the location of your nose;
  5. Ollie onto the ledge or do a half frontside 180;
  6. Land with the nose of the board on the ledge and your weight on the front foot; 7. Maintain a straight upper body and a twisted lower body at a 90-degree angle to the ledge; 8. Slide as far as you can or want;
  7. As you approach the ledge, dive down slightly and spring out by returning your body to its normal posture;
  8. touch down and skate away;

It’s simpler to land a standard backside noseslide than it is to do a fakie.

While nose sliding, your rear foot should be completely weightless. Otherwise, you may not be able to slide for a long enough period.

Additionally, if you lean forward too much, the board will cease to slide and you will tumble or lose speed.

Once you’re completely comfortable with the technique, sprint onto the ledge to optimize and lengthen your noseslide.


How to do a backside noseslide on a skateboard?

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