How loose should skateboard trucks be?

It is important that your skateboard trucks be both tight enough so that you can easily control the board and loose enough so that you can control the board easily. If you’re experiencing wheel bite, you may want to consider some solutions for resolving the problem, such as tightening your trucks. However, if you are not suffering wheel bite, it is likely that you will be able to loosen your trucks. When skating about, your trucks should be loose enough that you don’t have to tic-tac your way over obstacles.

Skateboard trucks may be adjusted to be either tight or loose, depending on the rider’s personal preferences. Accordingly, they should be tight enough to prevent kingpin disengagement but free enough to prevent the bushings from rupturing during operation. In addition, there isn’t a set of guidelines that must be followed.

For skaters who like to ride on the streets or in skateparks, you should tighten the screws to increase the amount of stability they give. Those who like cruising will want them to be somewhat loose so that they can turn more easily. When it comes to vertical skating, you’ll want them somewhere in the center.

How to Tighten Skateboard Trucks 

To tighten or loosen the trucks on your skateboard, you will only need two items: your skateboard and a skate tool, which will be discussed later. The use of them will allow you to swiftly make modifications to your trucks and be back on the board in no time, and they are really simple to use.

Grip your skateboard and turn it over so that you can grab both wheels with each hand, then continue. Your fingers should be completely wrapped around the grip tape. Applying pressure to one wheel of the trucks and then the other is a good way to test them. The level to which the wheels will tilt will be determined by how close your vehicles are packed together.

To tighten or loosen the nut (also known as a kingpin) at the middle of the truck, use your skate tool to turn it. The kingpin is responsible for controlling the tightness of your trucks on its own. Twisting the kingpin in a clockwise direction will tighten the trucks, while turning it in a counter-clockwise direction will loosen the trucks. Make careful to tighten in tiny increments, test, and then tighten or loosen as needed until the desired result is achieved.

Go ahead and put your board through its paces. You can do this in your home, but stepping outside and testing your board on the street will provide much more benefits.

Bring your skate tool with you on your first few rides to get a feel for it. You have the ability to make changes as required.

Tight Trucks Have Both Advantages and Disadvantages

If you like doing flip stunts, you may want to consider tightening the bolts on your trucks. When landing your tricks, you will have better stability as a result of this.

Thick trucks provide the following advantages: • Increased balance and stability while landing stunts and driving at greater speeds

  • There is no wheel bite, therefore there is less likelihood of experiencing speed wobbles.

Cons of tight trucks: • You can’t turn or carve properly unless you raise your front wheels off the ground.

  • If a bushing is overtightened, it might cause it to blow out.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Loose Trucks

As previously said, loose skateboard trucks are most suited for people who prefer cruising while still having the ability to turn as much as possible. Even yet, they’re quite tough to land tricks on because of their size.

The advantages of loose trucks are as follows:

  • Improved turning ability without the need to elevate the front wheels
  • Has the ability to carve

The disadvantages of unsecured trucks are as follows:

  • Can cause wheel bite (unless you use riser pads) • Makes landing flip tricks more difficult • Makes skating more difficult for beginners

Is it possible to overtighten your skateboard trucks?

It is possible to blow out the bushings on your trucks if you continue to tighten your trucks. When it comes to tightening your vehicles, you should proceed with caution. Unless they are exceedingly loose, take it gently and perform a half rotation at a time until they are tight.

Bushings are available in a variety of softnesses and hardnesses as well. The softer the bushings, the looser the trucks will feel, and the stiffer the bushings, the tighter the trucks will feel, according to the manufacturer.

Having said that, certain bushings will need some breaking in. Therefore, it is critical to have your skate tool in your possession as much as you can at all times. As your bushings and trucks wear down, you may make minor tweaks to ensure that your skate style remains consistent.

It’s important to understand that overtightening your trucks might cause bushings to fail.

In order to provide the sensation of loose trucks, soft bushings should be used in conjunction with appropriate truck adjustments. If you like the sensation of tight trucks, get hard bushings and adjust the trucks’ tightness or looseness until it feels just right. You will avoid blowing up your bushings in this manner.

Should the trucks on my skateboards be tight or loose?

It goes without saying that if you plan on cruising, you’ll want soft bushings and looser trucks. It’s possible to ride vert with soft bushings and tight trucks, or firm bushings and loose trucks, depending on your preferences. Alternatively, if you want to ride on the street and at the skatepark, you’ll want stiffer bushings and tighter trucks.

All of that being said, you must choose what works best for you on a personal level. Skate about for a time, make a few tweaks, and then keep skating. You’ll discover the sweet spot eventually.

One more suggestion: if you’re a skater who has trouble finding bushings that are soft enough for you, consider purchasing a set of Bones soft bushings to supplement your collection. You’ll want to put them in boiling water for a few minutes before removing them from the heat. Allow it to soak in the hot water for about 10 minutes. They’ll be softer than they’ve ever been. It’s possible that you’ll want to tighten your trucks a little bit at this stage.

How loose should skateboard trucks be?

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